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I successfully compiled OpenSSL 1.0.1 under win32 with mingw. Now I'm trying to compile static Qt 4.8.1 with following config:

configure -release -static -qt-zlib -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-qt3support -no-scripttools -no-opengl -no-webkit -no-phonon -no-style-motif -no-style-cde -no-style-cleanlooks -no-style-plastique -no-sql-sqlite -openssl-linked OPENSSL_LIBS="-lssl -lcrypto -lgdi32 -luser32" -I H:\Workplace\OpenSSL\include -L H:\Workplace\OpenSSL

I got these errors:

H:\Workplace\OpenSSL/libssl.a(ssl_lib.o):ssl_lib.c:(.text+0x17be): undefined ref erence to '_time32' (several times)

H:\Workplace\OpenSSL/libcrypto.a(o_time.o):o_time.c:(.text+0x362): undefined ref erence to '_gmtime32'

H:\Workplace\OpenSSL/libcrypto.a(mem_dbg.o):mem_dbg.c:(.text+0x4c7): undefined r eference to '_localtime32'

SOLVED (see below)

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Finally I solved all problems, here is full solution to compile static Qt with static OpenSSL using TDM-GCC.

  • Download sources of latest OpenSSL and unpack them.

  • I used TDM-GCC to compile, so download and install it.

  • Install MSYS.

  • Create file ../MsysInstallDir/etc/fstab with the following content:

MyPathToMinGW /mingw (REQUIRED if you use tdm-gcc)

MyPathToPerl /perl (perl is also required to be installed)

  • to compile OpenSSL run the following commands in OpenSSL sources folder (in MSYS):



  • download qt-everywhere (I used v.4.8.1) sources and unpack them.

UPDATE: Recently I built 4.8.2 on another windows7 computer and got compiling error (while building my app): «cannot find -lQtCore4», «cannot find -lQtGui4». Here is the solution that helped me - edit file "qt-sources-dir/mkspecs/win32-g++/qmake.conf". Set QMAKE_LFLAGS = -static -static-libgcc

  • create conf.bat file in qt sources dir with config:

configure -release -static -qt-zlib -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-qt3support -no-scripttools -no-opengl -no-webkit -no-phonon -no-style-motif -no-style-cde -no-sql-sqlite -openssl OPENSSL_LIBS="-lssl -lcrypto -lgdi32 -luser32" -I MyOpenSSLdir\include -L MyOpenSSLdir

  • run cmd. run mingwvars.bat in mingw folder. run conf.bat in qt sources folder (or add sources folder to the PATH and run it from another directory, to separate install from sources). It will take a few hours to compile Qt.

  • add to project's .pro file: INCLUDEPATH += OpenSSLdir/include/

I think it may help somebody.

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Are you sure that you need -openssl-linked? We always build Qt with dynamic usage of openssl. (-openssl)

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yes, I need it. I want to have my .exe without dependency on libeay and libssl. –  Eddie Apr 16 '12 at 7:08
Although I should try it, because before that I tried to compile qt with installed openssl, now it's compiled with mingw.. –  Eddie Apr 16 '12 at 7:22
with -openssl-linked openssl will be required and application will not start without it. But if you use -openssl flag - qt try to load openssl synamicaly and if it can't be loaded - doesn't use it at all (in this case application will run but if you use ssl sockets (for example) - they wouldn't work). –  PSyton Apr 16 '12 at 13:37

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