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I'm wondering why i have Root rights in a fresh installed Emulator with API Level 10 (Gingerbread). I downloaded the API and created a new Emulator Device. The i used adb shell to get a shell and typed in su, also i can access all folders that have only permissions for root and system.

I always thought i needed to have to run a root exploit in order to get root rights on a emulator device...

Maybe its because I'm using the Android Reverse VM? But i downloaded the android-10 platfrom new and fresh...

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I think users have root rights even on older emulators. Atleast I have root rights on all emulators 2.1 onwards! –  Abhinav Apr 16 '12 at 7:09
that bad because i need to test what happens if i have no root... –  reox Apr 16 '12 at 7:12

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The Android Kernel can be build in 3 ways: user, userdebug and engineering. The Emulator Kernel seems to be a engineering Kernel, since thats mostly what i want to do with the Emu.

If you need no root you have to build your own kernel with the user options to have a productive environment same as the kernel on a smartphone.

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