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I am working on a rails 3.0.11 application. for a many to many association I used simple_fields_for in a form.

simple_form_for @test do |f| 
  f.input :example 
  f.simple_fields_for :services do |builder| 
    render "services_partial", :f => builder

Now this is the main form and I used simple_fields_for in the form to render the partial of many to many association model called services In the services partial

f.input :example_service 

What I want to do is to assign the value of example_service attribute to a variable like

var = @test.services.example_service

but this method is not correct. Can anyone help me that how I can access this for each service. because there may be multiple services.

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I do not quite understand what you're doing. But if you want the values of "example_service" of all services of given @test you can try this

some_var = @test.services.collect(&:example_service)

some_var is an array of "example_service"-values of all services

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