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I have to create a jar file wherein i need to add external jar files in the classpath, properties files, in such away as to run it on any other machine.

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Please word your problem as a question and describe which tools you are using (IDE, build management tool, property loading mechanism). –  Michael Schmeißer Apr 16 '12 at 7:24

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You could either use manifest.mf to define external class path or use script that composes classpath and runs your application.

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how to add it in manifest.mf ? Can you give me example ? –  sameer59 Apr 16 '12 at 8:50

I really recommend you to use a build tool such as Maven for these things:


How can I create an executable jar with dependencies using Maven?



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This is my personal favorite answer - I use Maven for every project for some years now and it is really THE Java build tool for me. For creating executable JAR files with dependencies I prefer using the shade plugin, because it's really easy to use and works well. –  Michael Schmeißer Apr 16 '12 at 7:44

You can make the jar in almost any IDE. I agree with Michael SchmeiBer, be a bit more specific please.

I use eclipse as my IDE (because you can both use it in windows and Ubuntu Linux) to make a jar (you can define the startup class in the jar).

I use different methods for starting up of different machines.

I use nsis to create a nice windows executable (.exe) You can include your own icon.

In nsis script you actually use the same command you would use in a batch command. nsis has some nice features, like search for a java jre.

For Linux and Mac I use a .sh file with this command.

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