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Table : sc_message 
 |message_id | message_sender_id | message_receiver_id | message_content|

Table : sc_user 
 | user_id | user_name |
$Query_1 = $this ->select()
                 ->from(array('msg' => 'sc_message'), array('msg.message_sender_id, msg.message_receiver_id, msg.message_content, msg.message_sent_on'))
                 ->join(array('usr' => 'sc_user'), 'msg.message_sender_id = usr.user_id', array('usr.user_name as sender_name'))
                 ->where('msg.message_id = ?',$message_id)


I am writing above query but some how it is not giving me error

  Warning: Select query cannot join with another table in E:\wamp\www\social_site\library\Zend\Db\Select.php on line 1222

can anyone tell me what can be the probable reason?

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Try setting:

$this->setIntegrityCheck(false); //after select() line

Hope that helps

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thank you sudhir .. it has worked for me.. – Rukmi Patel Apr 16 '12 at 7:58

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