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I have Delphi XE2 Professional, and QuickRep505 components was installed with it, but the source code is not available.

A project I am starting to maintain uses a QrCtrls.dcu file, but cannot find it when I run the project.

I have tried to configure it by going to Tools > Configure Tools..., clicking Add and entering:

Name: QuickRep505

Program: QR5DesignDXE2.bpl

Working Directory: C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\bin\

Delphi still cannot find the file.

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Please contact the component vendor, or post on their forum. You are better off asking the people that produce the software for support. – David Heffernan Apr 16 '12 at 8:42
The "Configure tools" command is for configuring the programs that appear on the Tools menu. It has nothing to do with finding units at compile time. You've told Delphi that you want a "QuickRep505" item on the Tools menu, and when you select it, you want the IDE to attempt to execute a BPL file, the same way Windows Explorer would if you double-clicked that BPL file. – Rob Kennedy Apr 16 '12 at 13:31
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Try the following, I've just tried it and it works fine for me. You are just missing the path to the sources in your environment (project) options:

  • go to Tools/Options menu item in your Delphi IDE
  • in the newly opened Options dialog
    • go to Environment Options/Delphi Options/Library tree view item
    • click on the ... button beside the Library path edit box
    • in the newly opened Directories dialog enter the path to your Quickrep505 directory into the edit box or browse for it using the button with the opened folder icon and after you set it
    • click on the Add button and confirm the dialog by clicking on the OK button
  • finally confirm the Options dialog by clicking on the OK button
  • now you should be able to build your project
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Thank you very much :-) It finally compiled. – Geoffrey Apr 16 '12 at 12:10

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