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Very weird behaviour in the below code:

var showContent = document.getElementById("something"); // Search for a content
showContent = showContent.innerHTML;
var patt3=/Profile">[^<]*(?=<)/; // Search for this pattern ...
var showName=patt3.exec(showContent); // ... within the above found content

The problem begins when I want to search for a string within the result of the above showName:

var yesTest = showName.indexOf("text");

The above always returns -1 (the content is not found). However, this


clearly does have "text" in it. Am I missing something?

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Use this pattern: /Profile">([^<]*)(?=<)/. Then, showName = patt3.exec(showContent);showName=showName ? showName[1] : '';showName.indexOf('text');. Why? Because, in your case, indexOf will not start at zero, and might include Profile. –  Rob W Apr 16 '12 at 8:17
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The problem is .exec returns an array, not a string. Doing .indexOf on an array will return the array element index that equals your search term in full (or fail in browsers that don't recognize it e.g. IE8).

You can do showName.toString().indexOf("text") if that's what you want.

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I was thinking along those lines, but I couldn't find anything saying that .exec doesn't return a string. It now works. Thank you so much! :-) –  mrinterested Apr 16 '12 at 8:17
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try like this :

var patt3=/Profile">[^<]*(?=<)/;

 var re = new RegExp(regexp);

 re.test(showContent );

test will return true or false

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