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I am using fb_graph for my rails app. I just followed nov/fb_graph app. It was working fine till last week, i was able yo login and could get user information. But suddenly i am getting error. I didnt change anything in my app. my app_id, screat_id everything is correct.

Even i am getting error when i close that facebook error window like

Graph::Auth::VerificationFailed Facebook cookie not found

Could any one got through this error

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this just because of URL mistake

whatever website url is specified should be correct.

i mentioned website url as http://localhost:3000/ and domain as localhost

but in my browser i was running that was the actual problem so i ran server as localhost:3000 now its working fine. Because we mentioned site url as localhost fb will redirect to same, if we r running it will rise error that Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.

thank you

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