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I'm using basicHttpBinding for my WCF service and have a message inspector that sets response code to Redirect under certain circumstances. I find that the WCF proxy (generated by svcutil) automatically tries to follow the redirect. How do I prevent this from happening?

Thanks, Priya

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Can you reference the service contract assembly from your client application? If so you can get rid of the generated service reference and just spin up a proxy at runtime using ChannelFactory.

For example:

// Create service proxy on the fly
var factory = new ChannelFactory<IMyServiceContract>("NameOfMyClientEndpointInConfigFile");
var proxy = factory.CreateChannel();

// Create data contract
var requestDataContract = new MyRequestType();

// Call service operation.
MyResponseType responseDataContract = proxy.MyServiceOperation(requestDataContract);

In the above example, IMyServiceContract is your service contract, and MyRequestType and MyResponseType are your data contracts, which you can use by referencing the assembly which the service also references (which defines these types).

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what have you tried to achieve with redirect ? you will an handle this cases with some message interceptors on client side:

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