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I have been trying to create a whitelist for my pubsub node on "openfire" and no success yet. Everything goes on very well till the point where I add the members through affiliation request, which setes the affiliation to "member" for specified JIDs. Server accepts the request with no error. But the moment I request the affiliations for the pubsub node, it returns "outcast" instead of "member". Here are my requests and response: set affiliation request:

<body rid='2568800008' xmlns='' sid='6215ff3c'><iq to='pubsub.***.***.2.1' type='set' xmlns='jabber:client' id='1735:sendIQ'><pubsub xmlns=''><affiliations node='hello_pubsub_7'><affiliation jid='arash@***.***.2.1' affiliation='member'/></affiliations></pubsub></iq></body>

set affiliation response:

<body xmlns=''><iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="result" id="1735:sendIQ" from="pubsub.***.***.2.1" to="ubuntu@***.***.2.1/6215ff3c"/></body>

get affiliation request:

<body rid='2568800013' xmlns='' sid='6215ff3c'><iq to='pubsub.***.***.2.1' type='get' xmlns='jabber:client' id='1736:sendIQ'><pubsub xmlns=''><affiliations node='hello_pubsub_7'/></pubsub></iq></body>

get affiliation response:

<body xmlns=''><iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="result" id="1736:sendIQ" from="pubsub.***.***.2.1" to="ubuntu@***.***.2.1/6215ff3c"><pubsub xmlns=""><affiliations node="hello_pubsub_7"><affiliation jid="ubuntu@***.***.2.1" affiliation="owner"/><affiliation jid="arash@***.***.2.1" affiliation="outcast"/></affiliations></pubsub></iq></body>

It is just "publish-only" and "member" that are not working. "publisher", "owner" and "outcast" are fine. Not sure if it is a bug or there is something missing in my code.

Thanks in advance

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It looks like you could have saved yourself some debugging by looking at the docs first ;)

Only publisher, owner and outcast affiliations are supported.

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You are right, I was so stunned with the xmpp pubsub as a whole and puzzled to find a way to integrate it with another system that I never though about that. Sometimes the answers are way simpler than what you think they are. – Jermin Bazazian Apr 18 '12 at 3:00

It is neither a bug nor something missing in your code.

Openfire's implementation is based on a old version of the spec which does not support that particular affiliation.

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