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  • In ejabberd.cfg we can mention list of domains from ejabberd 2.1.10
  • Is there a way I can configure domains like "*"
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In ejabberd domain configurations have to be made explicitly. This is because when a domain is started a number of supporting processes are started depending on module configurations and entries are inserted into the internal ejabberd route table. mod_muc is a fine example of this as it starts a process to handle multi-user chat and registers that process in the route table as "" when workign with the "" domain.

Putting {hosts, ["*"]}. in your ejabberd config won't really work because ejabberd has no way of knowing exactly which domains you really need started and setup in the route table.

The alternative to this is provisioning your additional domains at runtime. This is not available on ejabberd 2.x, but is a feature that is in ejabberd 3. Runtime provisioning can be done by calling functions in the ejabberd_hosts module. Take note that if you create a host without passing a configuration string then the host is created as a permanent host (not dynamic) as if you had listed it in {hosts,[]}. in your config file.

There are two potential downsides to this. 1. while the functions exist you still need some method of signalling to the chat system that you want an additional domain created. This will probably require a custom module. 2. ejabberd 3 is still in alpha. While it works pretty well I do still find bugs that require patching from time to time.

I maintain a minor branch of ejabberd3 that contains my bug fixes (most relate to real time provisioning). It is available on github at

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