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My site uses Session and I’ve configured it to save information to the database to allow me to save larger amounts of user data. The site also connects to a MySQL and MSSQL database to retrieve information for the user. The Session database is in the MySQL database and this part is working.

The logic of the site goes: 1. User searches for something, the search button is attached to some jQuery code which sends the search term to 2 functions in my controller.
2. Function 1 accesses the MSSQL database, gets the data, saves the query and the results of the query to the session and returns the query results to the View. 3. Function 2 does the exact same except it queries the MySQL database.

Function 1 code does this:


Function 2 code does this:


The problem is that the Function 1 code does not save the data to the session table. If I remove the Function 2 code then the Function 1 code works!

Lastly, The result sets of the queries is small. Even so I changed the datatype of the ‘user_data’ field in the ci_sessions table from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT to allow more information to be stored there.

Can anyone help?


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When storing data into the session, it must be serialized. the results of $query->result_array() is an array which could pose some trouble when trying to store it as a string.

try calling serialize and unserialize to keep keep the data structure intact when pushing things in and out of sessions.

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The Session code within codeigniter handles serialize and un-serialize functions automatically. – ShaneH Apr 16 '12 at 12:49
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Solved it using the CodeIgniter native session

It appears that there are some issues with Sessions and jQuery in CodeIgniter

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