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I have a form in which i add two dates

  1. Start date
  2. End Date

I want to know how i validate that the selected start date is always less than end date(actually an expiry date).

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You can do some thing like this to compare the dates,

trace(validateDate(new Date(2008, 5, 1), new Date(2008, 6, 1)));  

protected function validateDate(date1:Date, date2:Date):Boolean
    return (date1.time < date2.time);

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You look some thing like this.Try This function:

public function compare (Start_date: Date, End_Date : Date) : Number
    var Start_date1 : Number = Start_date.getTime ();
    var End_Date1 : Number = End_Date.getTime ();

    if (Start_date1 > End_Date1)
        result = 0;
        result = 1;

    return result;
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Small sample

            import mx.controls.Alert;
            import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;
            import mx.events.CalendarLayoutChangeEvent;

            private function compareDate():void {
                var fromDateFormat:String = DateField.dateToString(new Date(fromDates.selectedDate), "YYYY/MM/DD");
                var toDateFormat:String = DateField.dateToString(new Date(toDates.selectedDate), "YYYY/MM/DD");
                var todayDateStr:String = DateField.dateToString(new Date(), "YYYY/MM/DD");

                var fromDate:Date = DateField.stringToDate(fromDateFormat, "YYYY/MM/DD");
                var toDate:Date = DateField.stringToDate(toDateFormat, "YYYY/MM/DD");
                var todayDate:Date = DateField.stringToDate(todayDateStr, "YYYY/MM/DD");

                if(ObjectUtil.dateCompare(todayDate , fromDate) >= 0 && ObjectUtil.dateCompare(todayDate , toDate) <=0){
    <mx:DateField id="fromDates"/>
    <mx:DateField id="toDates"/>

    <mx:Button id="checkValidity" click="compareDate()"/>



check the below link for validation


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you can directly use two dataFields and desable the end dateField date less than start dateField

you can do like this

<mx:DateField id="stDate"/>
<mx:DateField id="endDate" selectableRange="{{rangeStart: stDate.selectedDate}}"/>

from above you need not to compare the end date with start date... because dated less than start date will not be enable in end dateField..

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