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Is there a way to set the value of a file input (<input type="file" />) or is that all blocked for security? I'm trying to use google gears' openFiles to make a simple multi-uploader.

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I'm pretty sure that you are right and file input fields are read only. –  Ian Oxley Jun 19 '09 at 10:03
I did a full referenced and up-to date (dec 2013) answer about this here: Remember and Repopulate File Input –  GitaarLAB Dec 16 '13 at 3:25

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It is not possible to dynamically change the value of a file field, otherwise you could set it to "c:\yourfile" and steal files very easily.

However there are many solutions to a multi-upload system. I'm guessing that you're wanting to have a multi-select open dialog.

Perhaps have a look at http://www.plupload.com/ - it's a very flexible solution to multiple file uploads, and supports drop zones e.t.c.

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The linked site is now just a parked domain hosting ads. :( –  DavidScherer Apr 2 '14 at 15:04
Someone replaced the URL with one that works. –  JohnK Feb 19 at 19:30

I had similar problem, then I tried writing this from JavaScript and it works! : referenceToYourInputFile.value = "" ;

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In what way does this "work"? The Mozilla Docs explicitly states, "You can't set the value of a file picker from a script; doing something like [this] has no effect" –  w3d Apr 23 at 19:34
...apart from clearing the file selection. –  w3d Apr 24 at 14:11

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