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I have the grid set up and working nicely. I wanted to add multiple input autocomplete functionality to the form view in JqGrid. The multiple autocomplete works but the extractLast function seems not to be working and I can add duplicate inputs. Heres the code:

var availableTags = [
function split( val ) {
        return val.split( /,\s*/ );
        function extractLast( term ) {
            return split( term ).pop();
        function autocomplete_element(value, options) {
          // creating input element
          var $ac = $('<input type="text"/>');
          // setting value to the one passed from jqGrid
          // creating autocomplete
                {source: function( request, response ) {
                // delegate back to autocomplete, but extract the last term
                response( $.ui.autocomplete.filter(
                    availableTags, extractLast( request.term ) ) );

                focus: function() {
                    // prevent value inserted on focus
                    return false;
                select: function( event, ui ) {
                    var terms = split( this.value );
                    // remove the current input
                    // add the selected item
                    terms.push( ui.item.value );
                    // add placeholder to get the comma-and-space at the end
                    terms.push( "" );
                    this.value = terms.join( ", " );
                    return false;
          // returning element back to jqGrid
          return $ac;
        function autocomplete_value(elem, op, value) {
          if (op == "set") {
          return $(elem).val();

Grid colmodel:

                editable: true,
                edittype: "custom",
                editoptions: {
                    custom_element: autocomplete_element,
                    custom_value: autocomplete_value

Which I found from JQuery UI

and German Rumm's blog

Any suggestions?


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It looks like example on jQuery UI site allows selecting the same element multiple times as well. The problem is in source function - it always checks the last term against all available terms when creating a suggest list.

Modify select callback to display only those terms that are not already present in a field.

source: function(request, response) {
  var terms = request.terms.split(/,\s*/);
  var last_term = terms.pop();

  var tags = $.grep(availableTags, function(el) {
    return $.inArray(el, terms) == -1);

  response($.ui.autocomplete.filter(tags, last_term))
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