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I am working on Application in which i have to post Greeting to my friends Wall post through My Account.

So How can i Perform it ? If anyone have idea Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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try this

 NSMutableDictionary *parmaDic = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:4];
[parmaDic setObject:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"hello world"] forKey:@"message"]; // if you want send message  
[parmaDic setObject:@"http://icon.png" forKey:@"picture"];  // if you want send picture    
[parmaDic setObject:@"Create post" forKey:@"name"];         // if you want send name    
[parmaDic setObject:@"Write description." forKey:@"description"]; // if you want  description

[_facebook requestWithGraphPath:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"/%@/feed",facebook_user_id] 

I use key like.message,picture ..etc please see

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Take Dictionary first in which add your data which you want to post on your friends's Wall as:-

NSMutableDictionary  *postVariablesDictionary = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
//posting the text written in the textView   
[postVariablesDictionary setObject:self.TextView.text forKey:@"message"];

[objDelegate.facebook requestWithGraphPath:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/feed",friendId] andParams:postVariablesDictionary andHttpMethod:@"POST" andDelegate:nil];

Thats how the data would be posted on friend's wall. Hope it helps Thanks :)

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