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i am

very new to Birt

my problem is,

my system generates two files one is contains headers

another one contains header values columeA coumnB now my question is i want to show data like header1 ------------> value1 header2-------------> value2

is it possible through Flat File Data source

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yes, its possible. there are different ways but i suggest one of my method that i have applied and is working.
1> create 2 datasource , first for header and second for header values
2> create 2 datasets , first for header & second for header values
set header dataset column names as header1 , header2 ..
set header_value dataset column names as header1_value , header2_value ..
3> create a Joint Dataset using the previous 2 datasets , connect them with full outer join
4> drag & drop the joint dataset in designer
5> keep the "header" dataset binding in the header row of the table.
6> keep the "header value" dataset binding in the detail row.

Thats it.

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hi wizavi good answer ,but here i want to display header and header_value as two columns in my table data like header | value like this Vertical display –  venkat Apr 17 '12 at 8:28

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