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I get a lot of noise during playback. The noise is not there when I play it on my mac, so it has to be an error with the AVAudioPlayer. Has anyone else experienced the same? I have had this problem for several months, but never got an answer anywhere.

All replies appreciated, Hans Espen.

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Are you sure its not a problem with the response of your headphones or the speakers on the iPhone? Could you share more details about the problem?

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hi, and thank you for your response! The thing is, playing audio recordings recorded with other iphone recorders, the problem isn't there. So I figure it has something to do with my program. I am not currently on my mac, so I don't have access to my program, but the way I set up AVAudioPlayer matches exactly exampler I found on the Internet. But still, I get all this noise that I have gotten also when using AudioStreamBasicDescription configuration – Hans Espen Jul 28 '09 at 16:45

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