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In my Gemfile I have the following line:

gem "thin", :group => [:staging, :production]

When I run bundle install in the development it actually installs thin, which is a problem in the Widows boxes because thin depends on eventmachine which doesn't compile. Is there a way to avoid installing those gems in Windows all together?

We actually tried running running:

bundle install --without staging production

and it tried to install thin anyway.

What's the proper way to workaround this issue?

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A hack would be to do:

gem "thin", :group => [:staging, :production], :platforms => :ruby

There are a number of Gemfile platforms:


C Ruby (MRI) or Rubinius, but NOT Windows

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I do this. Ugly, but effective

if RUBY_PLATFORM != "i386-mingw32" # if Windows
  gem "thin"
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