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I want build a library function so that when my text comes from database that function filter that text.

Ex : string message= " Hello, world";

so my one function will change the text hello to hi and another function will change the world to global.

This filter only work if there is any function in my class.

I need this to do in c#. Is any one have the idea how to do this.

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It's not clear what you are asking –  Daniel Hilgarth Apr 16 '12 at 11:59

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Its not quite clear what you trying to achieve. But I think you want to do something like this...

string[] wordslist = s.Split(' ');
foreach (var word in wordslist )
      switch (word )
            case "Hello":
                word= word.replace(word,'Hi');
            case "World":

I think it will be much easier if you can create database table which hold pair of values. eg

OldValue       NewValue
Hello          Hi
World          global

So you can do a search for each character with against the OldValue field and if found, you can replace the word with new value..

Hope this helps

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