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I am lookin for a regex express to remove the email addresses from a text file.

Input file:

Hannah Churchman <xxxx@xxxxxxxx.com>; Julie Drew <xxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com>;

Output file:

Hannah Churchman; Julie Drew;

I thought a generic regex shuch as s/<(.*?)>//g would be a good starting point but I am unable to find the right expression for use Vim?

something like

:%s/ <\(.*?\)>//g

does not work. Error is "E486: Pattern not found:".

:%s#[^ <]*>##g   almost works but it leaves  the space and < behind.
:%s# <##g  to remove the " <" remaining stuff.

Any tips on how to better craft this command?

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.*? is not a non-greedy match in vim, see stackoverflow.com/a/1305957/155299 –  Randy Morris Apr 16 '12 at 15:16

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I tried this regex on your sample and it seems to work: :s/\s<[^\>]*>//g

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