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I have below command line file. I just need to check an empty value of a variable. I am not supplying any command line arguments.

@echo off
@set PORT=9001
@set command=START

@set command=%command% -p%PASSWORD%

@set command=%command% -i%PORT%
@echo %command%

I tried lot of options such as comparing with empty parenthesis (), empty strings "", but nothing seems to work. It gives me following output when it is ran:

() was unexpected at this time.

I am using Windows7x32. Can anyone please help?

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The following should do it:

if [%PASSWORD%] NEQ [] GOTO MyLabel

For more info, see ss64.com.

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Wow! It worked like a charm! Thanks! –  ParagJ Apr 17 '12 at 7:04
Strangely, this doesn't work for me. IF [%NO_SUCH_VAR%] NEQ [] echo Not empty actually echoes "Not empty". Whether the variable is empty, undefined or defined and not empty, the test always returns true. Yet another weird behavior of cmd.exe? –  mivk Jun 9 '12 at 12:02

Use IF DEFINED variable without the percent signs around variable.

Tested in XP (32bit) and Win7 x64:

IF DEFINED PASSWORD (echo PASSWORD = %PASSWORD%) ELSE (echo PASSWORD is empty or undefined)
IF DEFINED USERNAME (echo USERNAME = %USERNAME%) ELSE (echo USERNAME is empty or undefined)
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