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I have an TreeListView component with 2 columns: "a" and "b".

In my list I sometimes have both "a" and "b", but sometimes only "a".

How I can rid of the following message in column "b" (in rows that doesn't contains "b")?

"'b' is not a parameter-less method, property or field of type..."

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Show your current code to receive feedback/help, please. – cfedermann Apr 16 '12 at 12:59

The solution with the current version of TreeListView (2.8.1, not sure when this was added) is to set:

BrightIdeasSoftware.TreeListView.IgnoreMissingAspects = true;
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I guess you are talking about a TreeListView in the ObjectListView project.

If so, you will have to install an AspectGetter on your 'b' column. Have that aspect getter return null when there isn't a 'b' property.

this.olvColumnB.AspectGetter = delegate(object x) {
    ModelWithPropertyB model = x as ModelWithPropertyB;
    return model == null ? null : model.B;
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If the return value of B in the example above is not nullable then you can cast to an object to avoid the compiler complaint about not being able to find a conversion. return model == null ? null : (object)model.B; – Steve Hiner Feb 25 '15 at 23:34

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