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I have a question concerning about application testing coupled with external interfaces (REST - Representational State Transfer).

Well, let's say I want to develop a service which would use the platform Telco 2.0 (the telecommunication interfaces) eg. Location API and SMS API.

And now please advise m what parameters / attributes should have this completed service, which are valuable / desirable for the telecommunication operator (think about specificity profile of telecom) ?

I thought, that i should examine the service (although some think it misses the goal, it must be a greater link with the operator and the Telco 2.0 platform which provides the interfaces SMS/Location API) eg. "commutation" and query processing by service, performance, scalability (let us assume that the service has access to a few million mobile subscribers), maybe safety of this service?

What test should i perform :

  • What should be the theoretical performance of the Telco 2.0 platform provider (theoretical, because stress tests of Telco 2.0 platform (SMS/Location API) can not be performed) to be able to handle request by REST (Representational State Transfer)?
  • Describe the testing functions - delayed service, traffic generated on the SMS / Location API as a function of the number of users who use the application.
  • Other?

I would ask for your help ;) If there is literature/bibliography related to this case, the methodology / testing schemes for the application for telecommunication industry just let me know ;)

Additional question - what does it mean to test the service with parameters TUPS and CAPS? (unfortunately I could not find anything about this)


I don't mean to test transport layer (SS7), but how to develop or use existing concept of testing service in service layer. Obviously I need take into account the specificities of the telecommunications networks and I am not sure if I can use usual testing techniques from IT.

Can anyone advise what to do in this topic?


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Telephone User Part (TUP) and Camel Application Part (CAP) are the protocol used in Telecom world, both are present in SS7 stack.

Please refer the manual of Telco 2.0 for knowing the performance of the platform, I'm sure the bench-marking is already been done on that.

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