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I'm new to I used PHP alot. In PHP, POST parameter and GET parameter is stored in different global variables

For example:

curl -d 'post_param1=2'

In PHP you can get $_GET['get_param1'] is 1 and $_POST['post_param1'] is 2.

But it seems impossible to distinct GET/POST parameters in

I can only use web.input() to get GET/POST parameters in a dict-like object, but I cannot tell which of them is from the query string and which is from POST data

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There's actually an (undocumented?) _method parameter that can be get, post or both (the default) to return variables from the different sources. See the source for web.input(). So for example:

get_input = web.input(_method='get')
post_input = web.input(_method='post')

However, I've used a lot, and never needed this. Why do you need to distinguish between input parameters in the query string and the data?

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Just wondering if this worked or helped? If so, please mark the answer as accepted or vote it up, respectively. – Ben Hoyt May 8 '12 at 1:48

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