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I would like to page the data in my view using a paged list , I did this previously using a web grid but am finding it difficult to do this using the model first approach.Any help would be much appreciated.


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Steve Sanderson describes an example of pagination support in his book Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 which I highly recommend (although it shouldn't be long until the next version is released).

He describes a product controller (listing pages of products) as:

public class ProductController : Controller {
   public int PageSize = 4; //This could be retrieved from the database

   private IProductRepository repository;
   public ProductController(IProductRepository repoParam) {
      repository = repoParam;

   public ViewResult List(int page = 1) {
      ProductsListViewModel viewModel = new ProductsListViewModel {
         Products = repository.Products
            .OrderBy(p => p.ProductID)
            .Skip((page - 1) * PageSize)
         PagingInfo = new PagingInfo {
            CurrentPage = page,
            ItemsPerPage = PageSize,
            TotalItems = repository.Products.Count()
   return View(viewModel);

A query to the action may then be in the form:


(or whatever routing you require).

This view model would then be:

public class ProductsListViewModel {
   public IEnumerable<Product> Products { get; set; }
   public PagingInfo PagingInfo { get; set; }

And the PagingInfo model would be:

public class PagingInfo {
   public int TotalItems { get; set; }
   public int ItemsPerPage { get; set; }
   public int CurrentPage { get; set; }
   public int TotalPages {
      get { return (int)Math.Ceiling((decimal)TotalItems / ItemsPerPage); }

You can then use this paging information to display the information in your view as required.

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Check out my PagedList nuget package on github:


This will allow you to write code like so:


public class MyController : Controller{
  public object MyRoute(){
    var pagedProducts = ProductsRepo.All().ToPagedList();
    return View(pagedProducts);


  @foreach(var product in ViewModel){
@Html.PagedListPager(ViewModel, page=> Url.Action("MyRoute", {page = page}))
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