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I am using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 in an ASP.NET 4.0 web forms application. I have set the report to export in ExcelDataOnly. The report in the builder runs properly and returns thousands of rows. When I export it to Excel I am only getting 145 rows! Does anyone have any idea why this might be? I have no null values in any columns so it is not that. I am setting my content type to application/ and I think this is correct, so I am at a loss!!!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Turns out the issue was saved data in the report. No matter what I did I could only get the exact same 145 rows. In the end, I recreated the report and now it works perfectly. I have no idea why the data was trapped in that state, but since recreating fixed it, it is fixed.

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There is a possibility that you have checked/ selected the option of saving the data with the report. You can go to File--> Below Save AS is the option of selecting the Data to be saved with the Report. Pls uncheck the option and see if it helps.


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