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Most of the applications and services log to filesystem. Why don't they use syslog? Is it slow or unreliable?

What are the real pros and cons of using syslog?

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  • limited number of categories (e.g., when compared to log4j), which limits filtering capabilities
  • system-wide, requires administrator privileges to set up
  • not available on all OS-s (e.g., Windows)


  • application logging is plug-and-play, with well-known locations
  • single place to filter all messages
  • factors a lot of common functionality (such as writing to a file, sending logs remotely, rotating log files)
  • tools can be build (and actually exist) which can look at the logs of all applications at once
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Thanks for your answer! I also measured the logging performance. So, to the cons I can add that logging to syslog is almost twice slower, than to the ordinary text file. –  weekens Apr 17 '12 at 9:23

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