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Is there a way to add multiple entries in symfony to database? I use ORM Doctrine and for example i want to create dynamic form:

Main form (Dish type):
  Prep time
  Variants (Variant type):
       Add new variant: name (Add more, Delete)

With javascript support for adding multiple variants at once. For now i have default CRUD generated objects with ManyToOne connection between Dish and Variant therefore I don't think I need to include that easy piece of code :)

I can create javascript but how to get form from the browser? Is there any example?

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You can do it using form collection. See this cookbook entry.

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I searched for it over 9000 hours and didn't found a thing. But i didn't give up. Eventually i found this article: http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/form/form_collections.html

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