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I am working on a Grails based application.
I have configured my application to work with mail and Database setting from configuration file(app-config.properties file present in the conf folder). It is working properly.


grails<br /> 
{<br />
    mail<br />
    {<br />
        host = ""<br />
        username = ""<br />
        password = ""<br />
        port =  0<br />
        from =  "" <br />
        props = ["mail.smtp.auth":"true" ]<br />
    }<br />
}<br />
**app-config.properties**:<br />

grails.mail.default.from =abc@test.com<br />
grails.mail.host =mail.test.com<br />
grails.mail.username =testUser<br />
grails.mail.password =testPassword<br />
grails.mail.port =25<br />
grails.mail.from = abc@test.com<br />

Some Other Details:
1. Grails Version : 1.3.7
2. Mail Plugin version : 1.0

My requirement is that I want to use encrypted user name and password for mail setting.
My question is that how can I use any encrypted property with mail setting as well as any other attributes in Grails(i.e. Database user credentials....).

Sanjay Kharwar

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Already somewhat answered in the 2 following places:

Stackoverflow answer


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I ran across this site while searching: http://grsage.com/new/GrailsPasswordEncyrption.html

It's pretty straight foward.

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