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I'd like to use Moles library to overload some Mircosoft.Pnone.Net calls (NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable() for example) for my unit-tests.

I've downloaded moles installer. Installed it. Then I clicked a Microsoft.Phone reference and selected menu item 'Add Moles Assembley'.

And now, when I try to build my solution I got a bunch of errors like this one:

   Error    89  Type 'System.Net.WebRequest' exists in 
'c:\Program Files (x86)\Reference` 

    and also in  'c:\Program Files (x86)\Reference 
    C:\Projects\{projName}.Tests\m.g.cs 39886

Is there any way to fix this ambiguity?

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Maby this blog post can help you in the right direction when it comes to unit-testing a Windows Phone 7 app.

He writes:

The Portable Library Tool is the key ingredient in enabling Visual Studio integrated unit testing of Windows Phone 7 apps. This article will demonstrate how to get started and a technique in managing the required dependencies between the projects.

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Well, it's not actualy what I was looking for. I use a test runner from WP7 toolkit. And I know how to aviod suche dependency (DI etc). But it was interesting for me to play with Moles library. Thanx, for the link anyway. – Anton Sizikov Apr 20 '12 at 9:05
Ok! Glad I could help in some way any how. – Buddha Apr 20 '12 at 10:28

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