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I'm new to c3op, and confused about the use of :


In this link : HowTo configure the C3P0 connection pool

idleTestPeriod :  Must be set in hibernate.cfg.xml (or, Hibernate default:  
0, If this is a number greater than 0, c3p0 will test all idle, pooled but unchecked-out  
connections, every this number of seconds.

What is the purpose of this kind of test (idel, pooled connections), and the relationship between c3p0.idle_test_period and c3p0.timeout?

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The database server may close a connection on its side after a certain amount of time - causing some error in your application, because it'll attempt to send a query on a connection which is no longer available on the server side.

In order to avoid this you can let the pool periodically check a connection (Think of a ping) for it's validity. This is what idle_test_period is for.

timeout is the timespan after which the pool will remove a connection from the pool, because the connection wasn't checked out (used) for a while and the pool contains more connections than c3pO.min_size.

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Please keep in mind, that hibernate.c3p0.idle_test_period value must never exceed that of hibernate.c3p0.timeout. Otherwise C3P0 will never detect connections that has been closed. –  MichaelCleverly Apr 24 at 12:35

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