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I have a model called Resource that has tags from acts-as-taggable-on. I'd like to use jquery-autocomplete to make this almost exactly like stackoverflow has for tags (new ones can be created, but it suggests similar ones first with a count). Everything I've seen for this seemed like a really bad hack and didn't work well. Either they didn't work, or worked inconsistently.

What's the best way of achieving stackoverflow-like tagging in Rails 3?

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I think this episode of Railscast is just for you http://railscasts.com/episodes/258-token-fields-revised and this one too http://railscasts.com/episodes/382-tagging

I'm in the same path to make this work. There are many good tutorials on stackoverflow like: How to use jquery-Tokeninput and Acts-as-taggable-on that can get us on the right path.

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