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I have an ArrayList of ArrayLists - something like ArrayList<ArrayList<Node>>. Since I get this as a return value from a function, after every call a different size is called. I am wondering how to display its elements is such a way that the inner ArrayList constitutes one row and so for every row.

What would be my required parameter(s) for the for loop? Thanks in advance.

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for (List<Node> l1 : arrayLists) {
   for (Node n : l1) {
       System.out.print(n + " "); 

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Here is a basic sample:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    ArrayList<ArrayList<String>> ls;
    //initialize ls and set values in it...
    //after set some values, let's print it
    for(ArrayList<String> innerLs : ls) {
        String[] arr = innerLs.toArray();

It should be the same logic for ArrayList<ArrayList<T>>.

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invoke iterator() which will return an Iterator<ArrayList<Node>>, and loop on that.

Inside the loop invoke iterator() again, on each iterated elements, which will return a Iterator<Node>; use an inner loop and use next() on it to display.

For the loops use either a 'foreach' loop (for(Node n : iterator)) or a while loop (while(iterator.hasNext())).

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