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I am trying to send to values with one <select> option in HTML - here is my <select>, I am not even sure if I have the value set up right to send to jQuery.

<select id="needapproval" name="needapproval">
  <option value="">* * * Select * * *</option>
  <cfloop query="GetApprover">
    <option VALUE="{'theID': '#GetApprover.rar_ID#',
      'roomname': '#GetApprover.theroom#'}">Request Number - #GetApprover.rar_ID#
      - Room/Gate Name -#GetApprover.theroom#</option>

OK, once I select the value above I do an onchange event in jQuery. Values sent:

{'theID': '29', 'roomname': 'red room'}

How do I grab the two values and set them to vars - below is my jQuery, I know it is wrong:

var theID = $("#needapproval.theID").val();
var roomname = $("#needapproval.roomname").val();
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You can get those values with some modification to your markup like below,

<select id="needapproval" name="needapproval">
<option value="">* * * Select * * *</option>
<cfloop query="GetApprover">
<option VALUE='{"theID":"#GetApprover.rar_ID#","roomname":"#GetApprover.theroom#"}'>Request Number - #GetApprover.rar_ID# - Room/Gate Name -#GetApprover.theroom#</option>

Note the single quotes and double quotes in the VALUE attr.

And then you can do JSON.parse() on the value to get the theID and roomname. See below,

$(function () {
    $('#needapproval').change(function () {
        var selectedVal = $(this).val();        
        var jsonObj = JSON.parse(selectedVal);
        alert(jsonObj.theID + " " + jsonObj.roomname);


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