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I am trying to Iframe a Page A ( Not on My server, nor on my domain, no access to its code) .

I want to Iframe its part and show it on page B.

Link Takes to another Page B. Can't link directly to Page A. Coz Link is a tracking links. Needs to be tracked.

Link(tracking Link,uses redirection)--Page A---Submit Form On Page A ----Takes to Page C---

To Iframe Page A on Page B. Such that when users fills form and submits it. Then Page C is loaded in iframe (but not shown to user). This is important, as page C has a tracking pixel which is triggered when Page C loads completely.

Just after Page load. I want to redirect user to Page D(Thanks You Page!)

Here is my approach:

Page C should be fully loaded. But not to be shown to end user. Sorry for Bad English i tried my best.

For Clarification Link 1 : ( This Can't be Left, Iframe need to passed through this Url For tracking)

Page A :

Page B :

Page C : ( Has tracking Pixel)

Page D: Custom Page. ( lets say )

Iframe Code:

<div id="i_div" style="height: 206px; overflow: hidden; position: relative; width: 338px;">
<iframe name="i_frame" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0pt none; height: 577px; left: -282px; position: absolute; top: -244px; width: 1242px;"></iframe></div>
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you wont be able to do this due to security reasons. A lot of sites wont even let you include them in iframes, causing a page redirect to their site. Don't believe me, try using google. If you want to get information from a website, they usually provide some other means, such as an RSS or some other form of database. – mseancole Apr 16 '12 at 15:55
But, RSS is of no significance here. There must be some way out. I read here that we can detect page source change with Jquery or something? Then can't we detect Page Changing? There must be some footprint. IF you know some Expert please share my question. So it would be helpful for community and me. – user1336627 Apr 16 '12 at 16:00
I only meant that I do not think non-local sites can be accessed (reliably, if at all) via iframe; and to appease those seeking to get information from such websites, RSS and other database types have been supplied by those wishing for their information to be accessed. Forms are especially subject to this security flaw, which is why I believe it is not allowed. I remember reading somewhere that iframes were very limited when it came to non-local sources to combat these security flaws. I just don't think what you are trying to accomplish is possible, but I may be wrong. – mseancole Apr 16 '12 at 16:15
I haven seem similar functionality somewhere. I do know this can't be done. But Page source change can be detected. Can in someway Page Change is also detected? – user1336627 Apr 16 '12 at 16:19
here is a similar post which sort of explains what I'm talking about. I don't know about "Page Change" from JQuery as I've never messed with it before, but if its similar to an AJAX stateChanged, then as the above post says, it is not allowed. Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't. – mseancole Apr 16 '12 at 16:26

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