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Hi I am just wondering what if any is the difference with the OOP concepts when using them in developing desktop apps using JAVA and then implementing them in Android apps?

I am just curious to know if there is any major difference when putting these concepts into my android code before I go and do it.


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OOP is OOP is OOP. The core concepts don't change just because the platform does. The only real difference is what classes you have available. – cHao Apr 16 '12 at 15:23

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There is no difference at all in coding style, but since you are coding for a mobile device which tends to have low memory, small screen etc, you have to take special care while allocating memory and other resources....

For a definitive guide, do's and dont's refer to this.

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No difference. Android uses Java as programming language and OOP is not programming language dependent.

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NO difference on the basic ground , as you are using core java which is same for both , the way you code the OOP is also the same , but new are the classes you have to deal with the android which are different according to the need. For example : dealing with the activities ,are new which does not exist in case of simple java programming.

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Not only is there no difference, but you can, and should, reuse exactly the same OO code between your Android and desktop/server side applications.

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