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I am implementing a radar from the google framework and I need to direct a person to a radar point.
While the person gets closer to the POI, there will be more beep sounds. What is the best component to implement this? Can I use service for it?

Do you know any alike implementations?

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For playing the beep sound, your best bet would be to use the MediaPlayer.

As far as the logic for the distance affecting the beep intervals, you're probably looking at building some kind of Thread in conjunction with the Location API. You'll have to set up some kind of "stage" system that will determine which distance should trigger a faster or slower beep rate.

While a Service could be a viable implementation, you should note that in the Service documentation it's explicitly stated that :

[...] if your service is going to do any CPU intensive (such as MP3 playback) or blocking (such as networking) operations, it should spawn its own thread in which to do that work.

So make sure to keep that in mind when designing your application.

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