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I'm running a few fql queries to try and pull insights data into my own tables where i could display them. The problem is that nothing is returned- here is a sample query

SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id='000' AND metric='application_stream_stories' AND end_time = end_time_date('2012-04-02') AND period=period('day')

This returns a pair of empty square brackets. It doesn't even return the column names with the zero value.

If i do another query- this time changing the metric- it returns a zero value json array

SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id='000' AND metric='application_active_users' AND end_time = end_time_date('2012-04-02') AND period=period('month')

and the result-


i have tried these queries use php and the fql console on facebook- does this table work ( i have cycled through most of the metrics finding nothing working.

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Yes it works, ensure you have the read_insights permission. If you don't you will get an empty array. application_active_users does not need read_insights only a valid access token.

Any valid access_token for the publicly available application_active_users metric

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