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I would like to search a text in xml file and check that it has the correct value using Matlab.

I tried :

myFolder = 'folder1';
OutputFile = fullfile(myFolder ,'info.xml');
xmlNode = xmlread(OutputFile );

I would like to check that 'characteristic','color' options exists and that they have respectively the values : hybrid and red ?

info.xml content--------------

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Custom_project name="" val="True" name="file1" path="file:/C:/Users/Local/Temp/info.xml" version="1.0">
   <verif="true" name="values" path="file:/C:/Users/Temp/folder1">
      <optList name="values">
         <opt name="color">red</option>
         <opt name="police">calibri</option>
         <opt name="font">blue</option>
   <toto="myvalue" name="option1">
      <opt name="myvalue_1">32</option>
      <opt name="-total">All</option>
      <opt name="characteristic">hybrid</option>

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If using xmlread is not required, this is one possible solution. Multiple definitions of the same XML options are not checked, so any matching option name - option value pair is counted as a match.

% function that uses regexp to find matching string in XMLdata.

function [IsMatch] = xmlmatch(XMLdata, Variable, Value)
IsMatch = ~isempty(regexp(XMLdata, [ '.*<opt\s*name="', Variable, '">', Value, '</option>.*' ]));

% open the file, get file ID

fid = fopen('info.xml');

% read the file contents (assume text file).

XMLdata = fscanf(fid, '%s');

% check the XMLdata's variables' values:

IsColorRed = xmlmatch(XMLdata, 'color', 'red');
IsColorRed =

IsColorBlue = xmlmatch(XMLdata, 'color', 'blue');
IsColorBlue =

IsCharacteristicHybrid = xmlmatch(XMLdata, 'characteristic', 'hybrid');
IsCharacteristicHybrid =

IsCharacteristicHybr = xmlmatch(XMLdata, 'characteristic', 'hybr');
IsCharacteristicHybr =

% close the file.

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hello nrz , thank you , this is to check values and how to also check that the option exist ? – lola Apr 17 '12 at 7:18
@lola You're welcome. Yes, this checks the existence of the option given in Variable and that it has the correct value given in Value. Acturally it's nothing more than pattern matching using regular expressions with regexp command, so if the XML variable given in Variable does not exist, there is no matching pattern in XMLdata, and so IsMatch will be 0. For more info on MATLAB's regular expressions, I recommend to check out MATLAB documentation about regular expressions. – nrz Apr 17 '12 at 10:45
thanks nrz I mean if I can check that all xml variables are available in the info.xml ? – lola Apr 17 '12 at 11:20
@lola Yes, if XML variables you use follow the format: '<opt\s*name="',Variable,'">',Value,'</option>' ... (without ' ,). In which \s* refers to any amount of whitespace characters (spaces or tabs), Variable refers to the XML option, and Value refers to the option's value. '.*' in the beginng and end of the regular expression means "any number of any characters", which basically allows the pattern to be located anywhere in the XMLdata. If you are only interested in checking the existence of an XML option, use '.*' as Value: IsColorDefined = xmlmatch(XMLdata, 'color', '.*'); – nrz Apr 17 '12 at 12:31
do you know how could I do the same using xpth or xmlread ? – lola Apr 23 '12 at 17:32

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