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RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20021, 'Attempted to add duplicate primary key into table A2PROD');


-1 ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSTEM.SYS_C004235) violated

I want to show the result as:

-20021 ORA-20021 Attempted to add duplicate primary key into table A2PROD

I tried to put the DOPL after the raise_application_error function but still not working. I want to raise an application error and obtain the error message and code to print them to the output console of oracle developer.

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I'm not completely sure that I understand the problem. If DOPL is an abbreviation for dbms_output.put_line and you want SQLCODE to be -20021 and SQLERRM to be "ORA-20021: Attempted to add duplicate primary key into table A2PROD", you'd need to put the dbms_output.put_line call in an exception handler that catches your custom error message. You could, of course, also do something like

WHEN dup_val_on_index
  l_err_code := -20021;
  l_err_msg  := 'Attempted to add duplicate primary key into table A2PROD';
  dbms_output.put_line( l_err_code || ' ' || l_err_msg );
  raise_application_error( l_err_code, l_err_msg );
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Is the posted procedure called from another procedure? Or are you running it some other way?

RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR passes the exception number and its message to the calling program. So what does that do with the exception? For instance, if it has a poor exception handler, like this ...

    when others then

... you would never see the -20021 error, just the DBMS_OUTPUT output.

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