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I have a problem which I want to solve with matlab Genetic algorithm toolbox and I dont know how to solve it. I want to calculate 3 coefficient in a formula in a way that it maximizes a function which is the classification accuracy of a SVM classification model. the formula of the coefficients is a*A+b*B+c*C in which a,b,c are the coefficients which I want to find their optimized value and A,B,C are the value of 3 attributes of the dataset. I also have the constraint a+b+c=1 and a,b,c>0

How should I use genetic algorithm to solve this problem?

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Generate a bunch of functions with that same formula, but with different coefficients. Then test them using some evaluation function keep the two functions that perform the best and generate the next generation from them. –  Hunter McMillen Apr 16 '12 at 16:13
Thank you for the response but i also need to know how to do it with matlab.How should I use the constraints in ga and how should I encode the fitness function? –  user1336745 Apr 18 '12 at 7:16

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You first need to randomly generate an initial feasible solutions, as the first generation.

Each of these feasible solutions should satisfy a + b + c = 1 and a, b, c > 0.

Then based on your fitness function, evaluation each of the answers, and choose the better ones as "parents". Apply GA techniques such as "cross-over" or "mutation" on these parents, to yield a group of offspring, as the next generation.

Repeat this process for a set amount of times, say, for 500 generation.

For example, you could define a variable fitness, the higher value means its corresponding candidate is a more suitable solution. Since you are maximizing this function, then:

fitness = a * A + b * B + c * C

In each of your GA operations (cross-over, mutation, etc), remember to always yield new candidates that satisfy your initial constraints (a + b + c = 1 and a, b, c > 0).

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