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Is there a way to add multiple items to ConcurrentBag all at once, instead of one at a time? I don't see an AddRange() method on ConcurrentBag, but there is a Concat(). However, that's not working for me:

ConcurrentBag<T> objectList = new ConcurrentBag<T>();

timeChunks.ForEach(timeChunk =>
    List<T> newList = Foo.SomeMethod<T>(x => x.SomeReadTime > timeChunk.StartTime);

This code used to be in a Parallel.ForEach(), but I changed it to the above so I could troubleshoot it. The variable newList indeed has objects, but after the objectList.Concat<> line, objectList always has 0 objects in it. Does Concat<> not work that way? Do I need to add items to ConcurrentBag one at a time, with the Add() method?

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Yes :)

Concat is perhaps one of the Enumerable extensions. It doesn't add anything to the ConcurrentBag, it just returns some funky object containing the original bag and whatever you tried to add there.

Beware that the result of Concat is not a ConcurrentBag anymore, so you would not want to use it. It's a part of general LINQ framework, making possible to combine immutable sequences. This framework, of course, doesn't try to extend the concurrent properties of the operands to the result, so the resulting object will not be so well suited for multithreaded access.

(Basically, Concat applies to ConcurrentBag because it exposes IEnumerable<T> interface.)

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Concat is an extension method provided by LINQ. It is an immutable operation that returns another IEnumerable that can enumerate the source collection followed immediately by the specified collection. It does not, in any way, change the source collection.

You will need to add your items to the ConcurrentBag one at a time.

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