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help('dbhash') (standard library module):


    error = class DBError(exceptions.Exception)
     |  Method resolution order:
     |      DBError
     |      exceptions.Exception
     |      exceptions.BaseException
     |      __builtin__.object

How is that error = class DBError(exceptions.Exception)language construct called? What does it do? You can see another example of this construct when you do help('django.http.HttpResponse') if you installed django.

(I am using python 2.7.2 and django 1.4)

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I have looked at the dbhash.py script and the django.http.__init__.py script. I can't figure out how the script has to be written to output that construction in the help function. Can somebody code a small example class so when you do help('samplemodule') you see this same construction? –  Bentley4 Apr 17 '12 at 9:42

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It is no valid syntax. In the help, it means to denote that error was originally defined as class DBError and derived from exceptions.Exception.

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