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Actually my TableView's background color is really black. However when i use SearchBar and search words,if there is no data that match , there will appear "NO Result" UITableView with White Color. I don't want to appear that White color background with " NO Result " TableViewCell if there are no match words.. How can i remove that White UITableViewCell?

That No Result TableView is i want to remove if there are no result that match. enter image description here

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Would be helpful to see your code so far... – SomaMan Apr 16 '12 at 17:58
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That tableView comes automatic since it's part of the search, however you can modify by doing this:

  1. Create a boolean flag named noResultsToDisplay (or something else).
  2. If you have no results to display then set noResultsToDisplay = YES, set it to NO otherwise.
  3. In numberOfRowsInSection, if (noResultsToDisplay) return 3;
  4. In cellForRowAtIndexPath, if (noResultsToDisplay && indexPath.row == 2) cell.textLabel.text = @"No Results";
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