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I'd like to make a small desktop editor to take notes, that uses markdowns to format text quickly. The application should transcribe markdowns instantaneously or after clicking on a button.

For this I'd like to use Qt4 and Python.

What, in your opinion, is the most efficient way to proceed?

In the case the rich text is rendered after pressing a button, I suppose I could use QTextEdit widget for the edit-mode, but what to use to display the rich text? I want this to look good. Should I render the text in HTML? Or something else?

Please advise.

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You can look at how ReText has done it. Maybe even ReText is the app you want to code :-)

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I came here because I'm looking for a solution for the same task.

Here is what I would (or hopefully will) try:

  • Subclass QTextEdit, which can display both plain and rich text.
  • supply two string properties, one containing Markdown source, the other generated HTML.
  • For entering "edit mode" (however your UI will handle this)
    • self.setText(self.markdown)
    • self.setReadOnly(False)
  • For leaving "edit mode":
    • self.markdown = self.toPlainText()
    • self.toHtml() # convert self.markdown to self.html
      # don't know yet how to achieve that
    • self.setHtml(self.html)
    • self.setReadOnly(True)

For displaying the HTML one can use a CSS stylesheet.
As UI interface I could imagine: clicking on the readonly display mode switches to edit mode, [Ctrl]-[Enter] triggers HTML generation.

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