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I'm trying to create a Chrome extension that a user might want to frequently enable/disable. To facilitate this, I'd like to add a checkbox to the context menu that basically says "extension enabled". When a page loads, it would check to see if there was a check by the context menu item. I have created the menu item, and it stays persistent throughout page loads, but I don't know how to read its value. Can anyone help me out?

Here is the code that I'm using to add the checkbox to the context menu.

var checkbox1 = chrome.contextMenus.create({
    "title": "Enable",
    "type": "checkbox",
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From the Chrome docs, it appears that there is no way to read information about a context menu item. There are create, update, and remove functions, but no read function (so it has only three of the CRUD operators). This means that you'll have to maintain the on/off state elsewhere, e.g., on your background page and/or in localStorage, and toggle it when you fire enableAutoFilter.

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