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I got 2 tables on a mysql db


seller: seller id
transaction_date: unix timestamp


seller: seller id
rating (-1, 0, 1)
comment_date: unix timestamp

so, I want to calculate the seller rating of the seller, which is the sum of the ratings, right before the transaction. and I want to know how many comments the seller have right before the transaction.

I want to obtain two more columns like this:


seller, transaction, seller_rating, num_of_comments

any ideas? thanks in advance.

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Something like the following could work. Basically, you build a table that lists all relevant comments with each transaction, and then perform the counting from there:

SELECT auctions.seller, auctions.transaction_date, SUM(comments.rating) AS seller_rating, COUNT(comments.comment_date) AS num_of_comments
  FROM auctions
  LEFT OUTER JOIN comments 
    ON auctions.seller = comments.seller
  WHERE auctions.transaction_date > comments.comment_date
GROUP BY auctions.seller, auctions.transaction_date
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SUM(comments.rating) AS seller_rating, COUNT(comments.comment_date) AS num_of_comments – Joe Frambach Apr 16 '12 at 17:59
I guess that's fair. I also forgot the GROUP BY. Fixed. – VeeArr Apr 16 '12 at 18:01

This should do it:

FROM auctions a 
LEFT JOIN comments c on c.seller = a.seller AND c.comment_date <= a.transaction_date
GROUP BY a.seller
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