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I have a table valued function that returns some details about a specific account. Something like this. Far more complex but you get the idea. It's a multi line TVF if that makes a difference (not an inline statement)

select * from dbo.TBFDetailsByAccountKey(1234)

date       |    amount    |     detail        |
4/1/2012   |    10.23     |  payment stuff    |
4/2/2012   |    12.40     |  other stuff      |
4/2/2012   |    14.23     |  second pmt today |

I now have need to call this same TVF repeatedly in a series of UNION ALL statements in order to return the details for all the account key's contained within a set of deposits. Is there a way to do this without resorting to dynamic sql?

My current approach is this... but it uses dynamic sql and I keep thinking there should be a better "non dynamic" way.

DECLARE @pResult varchar(max)

SELECT @pResult = COALESCE(@pResult + ' UNION ALL ', '') + 
        'SELECT * FROM dbo.TBFDetailsByAccountKey(' + 
        Cast(AccountKey AS VarChar(25)) + ')'
    FROM Account WHERE DepositKey = @pDepositKey

EXEC(@pResult)  /* execute dynamic sql created above */
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It seems CROSS APPLY was designed to do this exact job:

SELECT AccountDetails.*
FROM Account
  select * 
    from dbo.TBFDetailsByAccountKey(Account.AccountKey)
) AccountDetails
WHERE Account.DepositKey = @pDepositKey
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Yep, that's what I needed... learn something new everyday. –  RThomas Apr 16 '12 at 18:33

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