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I want to switch some code from using .NET's DataContractSerializer to using ServiceStack's TypeSerializer for the increased speed benefits. Unfortunately, the code I inherited relies rather heavily on OnSerializing/OnSerialized/OnDeserializing/OnDeserialized, which ServiceStack appears not to call. Am I missing something? Assuming not, is there a good way to abuse things to fake out the intended functionality? OnSerialized/OnDeserialized can be roughly approximated through reflection, but I'm at a loss for OnSerializing and OnDeserializing.

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As you're now aware, ServiceStack Text serializers don't call or look for any user-defined event hooks on your models. –  mythz Apr 16 '12 at 19:59

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No, there is no such facility; you'd have to fork ServiceStack or jacket the serialization/deserialization yourself with appropriate calls.

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